Reduction of the nymphae

Reduction of the nymphae (labiaplasty)



Reduction of the nymphae

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces and / or reshapes the labia minora (labia minora reduction) - the skin surrounding the vaginal opening. In most women, the labia minora are seen only when the legs are separated. However in some women, large labia minora are visible when the legs are not apart, or are barely separated, causing embarrassment, self-consciousness, and distancing in relationships. Enlarged labia may also be noticeable in tight fitting pants, and can cause discomfort during intercourse, with clothes, or with exercise. Enlarged labia are usually congenital but may be increased from hormonal changes or childbirth. Labiaplasty is a procedure to correct this problem.

Recovery: After the operation, for some days the operated area will be swollen, also there can be more or less bruising.

It is very important to keep strong personal hygiene after the operation: During the healing process the patient will be advised to wash the operated regions with decontaminating ointment (Beatdine) and should use an absorbent page (pantyliner).

The operation – otherwise the general surgical risks (bleeding, inflammation, thrombosis, embolism) – doesn't bring any other significant complications.