Thank you for making my dream come true!


I just wanted to thank Dr. Afshin and his team to make me feel alive again. I trusted Dr. Afshin the minute I spoke with him on the phone, that was my life best decision. I recommend him from deepest part of my heart, my life changed two weeks ago and since then i feel satisfied from myself when ever I look in to the mirror. A dream came true thanks to Dr. Afshin. I will thank him all my life. If it is about plastic surgery then only Drissplasztika and only Dr. Afshin. All aspects five stars.

Kitty T.


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Thank you for making my dream come true!

János (58) about our eyelid surgery




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LÁSZLÓ TAKÁCS: Former Head of Plastical Surgery Department of Péterfy Sándor Hospital, ex-owner of Kontur Private Clinic

First time I met Dr. Afshin Dehghani in 2000, who draw my attention with his diligence and professional commitment. I remember him assisting as first time as a residenet, he was one of the few who needed no explanations or instructions, he was already well aware of the procedure. He is a kind of talent I have not seen to many during the last 35 years. His commitment to professionalism and success in surgical operations, as well as empathic care of the patients are remarkable. Keeping an eye on his career I can say, I get to know an excellent plastic surgeon in his person.




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