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After a recommendation of a kind friend of mine, I called Dr.Afshin...


As a writer and fortune teller I am often invited to different media. Therefore it is important for me to also represent the overall harmony of my lifestyle as a woman.

As time passes , we need the useful tricks of modern cosmetics to keep up our appearance that I also demand. As I often say, the intensive exercise and constant diet is not always the way to keep yourself in shape. Regular exercise is important (I play volleyball, and do horseback riding), but unfortunately the stubborn little paddings are not always dwindle away from where I want them to disappear.

After a recommendation of a kind friend of mine, I called Dr.Afshin, and arranged a consultation. The friendly, kind, experienced surgeon, gained my confidence straight away, and I could hardly wait to become one of the patients of the elegant, ultramodern clinic, where professionally trained nurses are taking care of patients after the operations.

My little transformation was completed at the appointed time, and made me feel pleased and happy and also refreshed my body and soul.

A few years ago I wrote a novel, which could have been written about me. The first few lines went as follows:

"Sometimes tales are just writing themselves. The days are building into a history, and we can sometimes stop the cycle and decide if we want to catch the end of the string thrown by Moiré or let it lay on the floor overstepped by shoes and boots."

I placed this string of my life into the hands of Dr. Afshin, and I placed this little, still important part of my destiny into the best hands. For you my dear fellow women, who do not want to deny your age, but to stand it proud, I recommend this "Doc", who always has a nice smile for you and even years later wherever you might meet him, will shout after you "Hi! How are you?" with his sweet Persian accent.



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Vad tulipánok


Nicholas looks at a picture of wild red tulips and embarks on a journey through space and time that evokes memories. The large canvas depicts a farm in a field of wild tulips. In the background, a flock of migratory birds pulls towards the sun. The man recalls the once strong and beautiful Sacha in the tulip field. A woman's heart is a man's only companion. He looks at her. He embraces her with a smile that binds him to her forever. Drizzle with the taste of your lips.

The man's heart and brain argue.

Brain: A wise man never falls in love. A broken heart is not a whole heart which you could swear by.

Heart: I swear, my heart is intact.

I keep it intact. I will never fail again. I will never fall in love .

I dedicate this book to my daughter, Aida. Your heart is as pure and white as a pearl. My life began the day you were born. You are my moon, and I hope your light shines on me, always. Even in the darkest of times you always show me the way. I am just like a shadow that, without your light, doesn't exist.

To all the lovers, lost and found, to the broken-hearted, and to those strong enough to put the pieces back together. Remember, a life without love, without hope, is not a life worth living.


Suttogó Datolyapálmák

For much of my life, I have lived with a distrust of Western influences in politics. But I have always had the desire to understand the West and forge a communion with its intellectual tradition while resisting its political domination. My experiences have given me the opportunity to live, laugh and love people from cultures all across the globe. This has led me to a liberated state of minds that believes that as human beings we are more similar than we are different. I hope for and have a passion for justice for all. My greatest wish is that the novel scatters through the minds and hearts of generations of young people the world over, giving them hope and inspiration. In the words of one of the greatest Persian Scholars Biruni, "There is a common human element in every culture that makes them all distant relatives, however foreign they might seem to one another."




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