References and thank you letters


Testimonials from Doctors


LÁSZLÓ TAKÁCS: Former Head of Plastical Surgery Department of Péterfy Sándor Hospital, ex-owner of Kontur Private Clinic

First time I met Dr. Afshin Dehghani in 2000, who draw my attention with his diligence and professional commitment. I remember him assisting as first time as a residenet, he was one of the few who needed no explanations or instructions, he was already well aware of the procedure. He is a kind of talent I have not seen to many during the last 35 years. His commitment to professionalism and success in surgical operations, as well as empathic care of the patients are remarkable. Keeping an eye on his career I can say, I get to know an excellent plastic surgeon in his person.



FRANCISKA TSÉR: One of the most successful Playmates in 2006 (3rd place)

Beauty is not everything” often said. I don't think so, I think it is important, especially if you work in the beauty industry. The playmate contest was a turning point in my life. So many beautiful girls and they all want to be part of the magical twelve. When I made it, I felt like the expectations got higher. I knew that my forms and shapes as well as my appearance might be crucial. I spent the moments before the announcement of results in unspeakable excitement, and when I was announced to be on the third place I was filled with happiness. I have always known, that the doctors at Driss Plasty have made an exceptional work but again I have been confirmed how successful the performed procedure was. I am really happy now! Thank You!

ANITA TÓTH, Successful Playmate 2005

Perfection is extremly important for my job, eating the right food and exercise is sometimes just not enough. There are few things that only a plastic surgeon can change. That is why I visited Driss Plasty, where they performed the necessary procedure with professionalism and excellent circumstances. Now I am satisfied every time I look in the mirror and I see what I always wanted to see. Thank You!

LINDA KÜSTÁNCZI: Successful Playmate 2005

I was undecided about the the operation before I met Doctor Afshin Dehghani, but after the first consultation I knew I will get what I aspired. The professionalism of the Doctors was obvious at the very first time, the result is self-explanatory. I am now entirely satisfied, not only with the Doctors but also with myself!

ERIKA STEINER: District Manager

I am a 47 years old district manager dealing with people everyday at work, therefore it is important to raise a good impression, since good appearance is a first step to success. As time goes by our skin changes, this is not too favourable, especially when you look at your pictures taken few years ago. I did not want to be different just to maintain a youthful appearance, that is why I visited the nicest and most precise plastical surgeon Dr. Afshin Dehghani who has really made a miracle. The result was acknowledged by a friend I have not seen for a long time (who was not aware of the operation). He said: "Erika! You did not change at all during the last ten years!" That is enough for me, this compliment shows how succesful the operation was.

Thank you letters


Annamária Kendra Morvay

As a writer and fortune teller I am often invited to different media. Therefore it is important for me to also represent the overall harmony of my lifestyle as a woman. As time passes , we need the useful tricks of modern cosmetics to keep up our appearance that I also demand. As I often say, the intensive exercise and constant diet is not always the way to keep yourself in shape. Regular exercise is important (I play volleyball, and do horseback riding), but unfortunately the stubborn little paddings are not always dwindle away from where I want them to disappear. After a recommendation of a kind friend of mine, I called Dr.Afshin, and arranged a consultation. The friendly, kind, experienced surgeon, gained my confidence straight away, and I could hardly wait to become one of the patients of the elegant, ultramodern clinic, where professionally trained nurses are taking care of patients after the operations. My little transformation was completed at the appointed time, and made me feel pleased and happy and also refreshed my body and soul. A few years ago I wrote a novel, which could have been written about me. The first few lines went as follows: "Sometimes tales are just writing themselves. The days are building into a history, and we can sometimes stop the cycle and decide if we want to catch the end of the string thrown by Moiré or let it lay on the floor overstepped by shoes and boots." I placed this string of my life into the hands of Dr. Afshin, and I placed this little, still important part of my destiny into the best hands. For you my dear fellow women, who do not want to deny your age, but to stand it proud, I recommend this "Doc", who always has a nice smile for you and even years later wherever you might meet him, will shout after you "Hi! How are you?" with his sweet Persian accent. Annamária Kendra Morvay

Thank You Letter

I'd like to thank Dr. Afshin Dehghani and his team for helping and guiding me through every phase of my breast operation. About a year ago I considerably lost weight within a short period of time. My breasts were asymmetric and as a result of this weight loss, also they lost their original shape and firmness. Finally I decided to have breast implant surgery, which I definitely not regret. Dr. Afshin Dehghani thoroughly informed me about the breast operation, answered all my questions, not concealing information about the possibility of complications. I saw the results of some previous operations and I knew I am in good hands. Although the operation itself was painless, the first week was unpleasant, since my body had to get used to the implants. After 3 weeks I totally got used to it and I felt like my breasts has always been this way – beautiful and firm. After 5 weeks I could go to exercise and continue my normal lifestyle. My breast operation also brought a quality change in my life. It is a pleasure to see that no push-ups needed when buying a new bra and the praising words of my friends are pleasing. It is so amazing that not only I feel my “new” breasts natural but also others don't notice that the natural firmness and round shape is actually a result of an operation. Finally I am not ashamed of my breasts and I am more self-confident with my partner. Looking back at what I have gone through, I have to say that my breast operation by Dr. Afshin Dehghani was a great decision! Sincerely, Ramona Csordás July 3, 2006 Budapest

Annamária Noszti - Szombati

First time I met Dr. Afshin Dehghani as a worrying mother, was when my daughter had a breast surgery. His patience and professionalism convinced me that my daughter is in good hands. The result is self-explanatory, I have seen her happiness and growing self-confidence.It made me remember, how beautiful young women I was, self-confident just like her. After my daughters were born, I've had less and less time for myself and my body and shape has changed. Unfortunately as time went by it was more and more visible, my skin lost firmness and my self-confidence was gone as well . I was a working woman and a mother of two, that role has filled my days. By now the girls have grown up, they are living their own lives.I thought it is about time to think about myself and my husband again and I decided that I want my vitality back, I want to be beautiful and attractive like I was before. I was driven by this thought when I called my daughter's Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Afshin Dehghani - who has discussed the procedure with me in details and arranged a date for the operation.I was excited before the operation, but I have seen how happy my daughter was and I was hoping the same will happen to me.And that is what happened! Since the operation I am happy and self-confident but even more important that I feel like an attractive woman again. And best of all nobody believes that I am a mother of two beautiful daughters.I am really grateful to Dr. Afshin Dehghani, as I would have never dreamed, that such a little intervention can change my life so much. This happiness worth everything, I can really tell there is no need to worry about a plastic surgery. I can recommend this great doctor without hesitation, not only his professional knowledge is obvious, but I was also impressed by his friendly attitude towards people. Regards, Annamária Noszti